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Fabric Feels

11 Easy Animal Print Fabric Projects For All Ages

Animal prints are all the rage right now, especially in the sewing and fashion world. Just walk down any busy street, and you’ll see countless examples. And, let’s be honest; printed fabric is timeless, which makes it perfect for any sewing project.

From alligator print and giraffe print to snakeskin print and more, the choices are practically endless!

This article is dedicated to showing you awesome sewing projects you can make using animal print fabric. Time to get inspired! 

Animal Print

What’s Animal Print Fabric?

The animal print fabric is what it sounds like - a fabulous fabric that features realistic animal designs and patterns. It comes in a variety of colors, types, and sizes, and most stores sell the fabric by the yard.

Today, animal print fabrics are quite popular in theme-based sewing and home decor projects, including dresses, napkins, quilts, tablecloths, swimwear, activewear, sheets, and sarongs, just to name out a few.

Seamstresses and fashion designers can incorporate animal prints into any design or project. As a sewing enthusiast or professional, using the animal printed fabric is a fantastic way to personalize and add glamour to your clothing, as well as make a bold statement. And, there are plenty of prints to choose from! 

What Types of Fabrics Are Used for Printed Fabrics?

Almost any type of fabric can be used for animal printed fabrics. A vast majority are versatile, beautiful and can be easily customized. You can choose based on the look, feel, drape, stretch, quality and opacity.

If you are interested in something non-risque and standard, you can go with cotton, silk, satin or jacquard. Animal prints on velvet, holographic fabric, and even metallic fabric are also hot and fashionable at the moment, and with good reason. They are flashy, glamorous, and help you add a unique touch to your outfit.

If you want something stretchy, you can opt for animal print fabrics made with polyester spandex, plain spandex, nylon spandex, or even cotton Lycra. It comes down to your preference and the style you want your outfit to embody. 

What Easy, Quick Projects Can You Make With Animal Print Fabric?

Whether you are an advanced, intermediate or beginner, the following projects are easy and quick to make with animal print fabrics of your choice! 

Animal Print

Chapstick/lip balm keychain holder

 There are several animal print patterns that can go perfectly with your lip balm/chapstick keychain holder. It's easy to whip up and fits right on any keychain.

This keychain holder is a great kids gift too and will make sure your chapstick is always with you for those dry lip days. A quality printed material like snake skin print fabric will do the trick here. 

Grab bags

 A grab bag is simple and easy to make carryall that newbies can try. Choose two fabrics, one for the lining (preferably something strong), and one for the outside (your printed fabric). Go ahead and craft this trendy shape in no time. 


 A clutch is a must-have for any minimalist. It is also super simple to sew. Just cut 3 rectangles: one printed fabric for the lining, one animal print for the outside, and one batting. One of the simplest, yet most useful items you can make! 

Phone wallet

 Never lose your phone again. You will need a small piece of fusible fleece, animal print fabric by the yard and any clasp (preferably a keychain).

This small pocket for your smartphone can be clipped on to your belt, keychain, bag, and anything handy you might have. Simple, and applicable for all! 

Tissue-Pack Cover

 Rectangular sewing projects are super easy to whip up. This tissue-pack cover is a project you can complete with scraps of animal print fabric. Use something that’ll marry well with your room’s decor.

 Zebra Print

What projects are good for kids?

 Many of the projects above will be suitable for the younger sewing enthusiast, but let's dive deeper into some easy projects that'll keep kids engaged.  

Notebook cover

 This is the perfect DIY sewing project for kids older than 9. Let them make pockets for their school items, including pens, notebooks, scrapbooks, and even textbooks.

The good thing is that the kids can use as many animal fabrics as they want. It'll take about 1/4 yard of fabric a piece. 

Easy quick hair bow

 Want to make something cute for your little one? A hair bow is an ideal sewing project with adorable animal print fabric. Make sure you have a hot glue stick, glue gun, thread, hair clip, elastic material, trim and about .25 yard of printed fabric. This is so easy, even those with the shortest of attention spans are able to complete it. 

Children’s tote bag

 A small tote bag is useful to virtually all children.  It should hold a few books, pens, and other items. You'll need about 2/3 yard of 2 coordinating printed fabric and fusible fleece. 

Cheetah Print

What are Some Advanced and Fashion-Oriented Projects?

If you'd like to do something slightly more advanced (and creative), look no further! We've assembled some fun projects that are sure to look great. 

Flirty skirts

 If you want to sew something flirty, a girly skirt or dress is a perfect project you can make with a giraffe print, holographic animal print, or alligator print fabric, to name a few.

Despite being multi-layered and rich, flirty skirts are not hard to design and make. All you have to do it cut straight strips of your favorite fabric by the yard, put them together, and hem each layer accordingly. 

Animal print knit dress

 Printed fabric knit dress is quite chic and can add some pizzazz to your style in a breeze. You can custom fit the fabric using princess seams, and flowing design. Make sure the neckline isn't too low or too high with crossover front.

The skirt should feature some pleats for extra comfort. As a bonus, you can add pockets in for added usability!  

Printed fabric wren dress

 Knit dresses are fashionable, but not quite like wren dresses. Besides, they are easy to wear and maintain and can fit any occasion.

There are several wren dress tutorials out there, but you might want to switch to animal print fabric of your choice.

 Peacock Print

With so many possibilities, animal print fabric really is one of the most versatile types of fabric. The best part is the creativity it allows - there are tons of different types of animal print fabrics for every taste and application. Choose wisely, and happy sewing!

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