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About Us

About Us

About Us is the best place to buy fabrics and spandex online. We take pride in the quality and variety of our fabrics, our customer support (just click on the chat icon to get help, advice, or recommendations), and the modern ease of our site. 


Fun Facts:

- We carry over 8,000 products and styles!
- All of our products are stored and shipped from the heart of the Fashion District in Manhattan, New York.
- 85% of our items are manufactured in the USA, while the remainder comes from South Korea.  

Fashioned in Fashion: started as a small boutique on New York's famed Fashion Avenue, nestled between several large fabric shops. 

We believe a modern online fabric store should have quick shipping - with access to tracking - and quality guarantees.

We believe that a modern fabric store should have a customer service team whose sole purpose is to make sure your shopping experience is pleasant and successful.

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