Holographic Sequins On Mesh Fabric, Stretch, Royal/Black

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This is a Medium-Weight Holographic Sequins On Mesh Fabric, With a Stretch, Royal/Black Colored

  • Breathability: Low
  • Comfort: Medium
  • Drape: Medium
  • Warm/Cold: Cool
  • Fiber Type: Synthetic
  • Features: Wrinkle resistant, Durable, Quick-drying, Shape-retaining
  • Care: Hand wash using cold water. If you must use a machine, wash in warm water, using regular bleach. Hang to dry or dry at Low setting and be careful not to over dry and shrink
  • Common Uses: Fashion, Sports wear, Soft upholstery
  • Part #: FFSSEQ-2181
  • Width: 60"
  • Make: Polyester
  • Fabric comes in many different blends. Changing the amount of a fabric in the blend can dramatically change the fabric itself. An example of this is adding a synthetic fiber (like Spandex) to a natural fiber to get more stretch.

  • The image may not exactly match the color of the fabric. This is because there are so many factors like lighting, screen resolution, or angles that can affect the way an image is displayed. If you need an exact match, shade, or hue, please contact us to order a swatch.

  • This is by no means a complete list. If you would like to learn more, our experts are ready to guide you.

  • While washing new fabric can be simple, the best course of action is to wash a test swatch before washing the entire cloth.
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